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Who are first-generation students? 

First-generation students are students who parents or guardians do not have a 4 year degree.


Do you have scholarships for first-generation students?

Yes! First-Generation Student Services has scholarships for incoming, first-time freshman. A full list of our scholarships can be found on Scholarship Universe. 


What is program advising?

Program advisors work with your academic advisor to support your college journey. They can answer questions, point you to campus resources, and help celebrate your "wins". Program advisors cannot lift your academic advising hold. 


How to I make an appointment with a program advisor? 

If you have an assigned program advisor, you can make an appointment by:

  • Logging into myUK
  • Click on Student Services tab
  • Select "Degree Planning and Registration (myUKGPS)"
  • Select “Make Appointment”

If you do not have an assigned program advisor, email to connect with our team. 


What should I bring to my program advising appointment? 

You don't need to bring anything special to your appointment. Be prepared to ask questions and discuss college life.