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At the University of Kentucky, we pride ourselves on putting our students first in everything we do. We recognize that your Wildcat had an unusual start to their UK journey in the middle of a global pandemic, and we are continually seeking ways to provide them holistic, comprehensive support both inside and outside the classroom. Knowing that it has been a while since their orientation experience, they may have emerging needs in their second year and are uncertain about the resources available to assist them.


Majors, Careers, and Staying on Track to Graduate

Whether your second-year student is exploring majors, reconsidering a previous major choice, or making progress on their degree requirements, UK has resources to support our Wildcats and get them across the stage at Commencement!

Major Exploration at the Stuckert Career Center

Internships and Experiential Education 

Spring internship and career fairs  

myUK GPS (Graduation Planning System)

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Now that your second-year student has some experience in the college classroom, it’s time to explore other opportunities to supplement what they’re learning in their coursework.

Education Abroad 

Undergraduate Research 

Gaines Fellowship

Academic Support

While your Wildcat may feel more comfortable with the academic expectations of a college curriculum, they should be encouraged to reach out for support and assistance to ensure they are performing to their full potential. 

Free Tutoring and Coaching Resources

Integrated Success Coaching 

The Study Peer Tutoring



Support for Specific Populations 

CARES (serving African American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian, low income, first generation students, and all William C. Parker Scholarship recipients) 

Disability Resource Center 

First-Generation Student Services (serving students whose parents or guardians do not have a four-year degree)

LGBTQ* Resources

Student Support Services (federally-funded program designed to work with students who are first generation, low income, and have a documented disability)

Veterans Resource Center

Campus Life

Leadership and Involvement

It is never too late for students to pursue additional campus involvement and leadership opportunities to gain valuable skills that will serve them during their college years and beyond. Of course, campus involvement is fun, too! 

Involvement Advising


Campus Events Calendars

BBNvolved Calendar

UK Athletics Calendar

Leadership Programming

Second Year Success Program

Getting Around

Whether your student is driving, walking, or taking the bus to get to and around campus, UK has resources to get them where they need to be.

Transportation Services

Commute Planning 


Off-campus Student Support

Many second-year students are navigating their first experience living off campus, and UK’s Off-Campus Student Services team is available to assist with that transition.

Off-campus Student Services


UK is committed to increasing our students’ financial know-how and connecting them to financial-related resources on campus.

Financial Wellness



Financial Aid

Financial Ombud


Student Employment

Basic Needs

UK Dining

Whether students are living on or off campus, UK Dining has options to fit their needs.

Meal Plans

Flex Dollars 

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our students is one of the university’s top priorities, and the following wellness resources are ready and waiting to support our Wildcats. 

Contact the Parent and Family Association


@UKparents (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Looking for more resources? 

The Office for Student Success is comprised of many units and programs that serve the students of UK.

Browse Units and Programs