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Reading and Writing co-requisite

UK 125: APP Reading and Writing is a one-credit hour, part-of-term (8 weeks) course that is designed to support students enrolled in their CORE composition and communication course (CIS 110 or WD 110).  

Students can expect to practice critical reading strategies, engage in the research process, and produce multiple pieces of writing. UK 125 is co-taught by a Graduate Teaching Assistant and an Undergraduate Peer Instructor. Students will also engage heavily with our Integrated Success Coaching program through individual appointments and group coaching.  

By the end of this course, students will demonstrate college readiness through the development of transferable skills necessary for success across disciplines and within their major. Specifically, students will be able to process, retain, and analyze multiple texts as a key process in producing well-constructed composition and communication assignments within future coursework.

Sample syllabus: Link Coming Soon

Who needs to enroll in UK 125?

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Quantitive Reasoning co-requisite:

Students admitted meeting the following criteria are considered Math APP. Math APP students have multiple options as they move forward in their mathematics curriculum pathway.  


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Math 111 - APP section

MA  111: Introduction to Contemporary Math (APP section – 4 credit hours) 

An introduction to concepts and applications in mathematics, with examples drawn from such areas as voting methods, apportionment, consumer finance, graph theory, tilings, polyhedra, number theory, and game theory.  

Math APP students meeting the following criteria may enroll in MA 111 (APP section – 4 credit hours) in order to demonstrate college readiness in mathematics:  

  • High school Unweighted GPA equal to or greater than 2.85 
  • Math ACT equal to or greater than 17 
  • Math SAT equal to or greater than 470 
  • ALEKS score of 28 or 29 

Visit for further information about course placement in the Mathematics department.  

This class satisfies UK Core: Quantitative Reasoning. Math APP students who successfully complete MA 111 (APP section) will demonstrate college readiness in mathematics. 

PHI 120

PHI 120: Introduction to Logic (3 credit hours) 

A course which treats argumentation, syllogistic and sentential logic. The focus will be on the use of formal methods in the construction of criticism of actual arguments, the aim being to inculcate standards of good reasoning, e.g. clarity, consistency, and validity.  

This class satisfies UK Core: Quantitative Reasoning. Math APP students who successfully complete PHI 120 will demonstrate college readiness in mathematics.  

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