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The Student Financial Wellness Center officially opened January 30, 2017!  We are excited to have a physical presence on campus to provide comfortable and confidential meetings with students.  The Financial Wellness Center is located in the East Wing of the Gatton Student Center and includes a lounge with two public desktop computers available to students, as well as individual coaching rooms.  

Our primary goal is to assist students however they need it while engaging them in financial literacy fundamentals.  We work closely with the Financial Aid Office, Student Accounts, and Financial Ombud to ensure that students have access to the “big picture” of financing their education and are connected with the most beneficial resources possible.  The Financial Wellness Center has also partnered with iGrad to provide the best-in-class financial literacy tools for UK students.  Visit the iGrad link to create your profile and gain access to a successful financial future!


Financial Wellness is geared toward engaging students in financial literacy programs and providing a place for peer mentorship through the MoneyCATS team. Financial Wellness also provides excellent resources for the University of Kentucky student body to stay connected and well equipped to handle their evolving financial needs. 

Federal Work Study

FWS provides students with part-time employment to help meet college costs and, if possible, provide work experience related to their field of study. FWS is federally funded and need-based. Eligibility is determined from information provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 


The Student Financial Wellness Center is proud to offer iGrad to our UK community, a best-in-class online resource for your continued financial wellness journey.