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By visiting the Stuckert Career Center, students have the opportunity to receive assistance in various aspects of their academic and career journey, such as choosing a major, crafting a career path, devising effective job-search methods, and more. Our dedicated team is eager to engage with classes and student groups to discuss topics like career readiness, planning for professional education, and the range of services we provide. Career advisors are available to evaluate how personal factors can shape one's career decisions.

The Stuckert Career Center plays a pivotal role by organizing multiple career fairs and leveraging Handshake, an online platform for job and internship opportunities, to connect students, alumni, and employers. Furthermore, the center offers convenient on-campus interview spaces accessible to both students and employers alike.

This week at the Career Center:


Brief discussion to address immediate concerns or provide initial guidance on a career center topic of concern. 

Offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00-3:00pm all semester at the Stuckert Career Center. 

Resume Labs

Quick, on-the-spot resume review - no appointment required!

Offered Monday and Friday from 1:00pm-3:00pm all semester at the Stuckert Career Center. 


High-quality photos for student personal branding and use on platforms such as Handshake and LinkedIn.