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Faculty & Staff Opportunities to work with our office


There are times where reports received by the Office require further investigation. In those instances, we rely on the help of faculty and staff to assist with our meetings with students. Investigators receive training from the Office in the areas of the foundations of student conduct, the investigation process, roles and responsibilities and interview skills.  

Restorative Justice (RJ) Facilitators

In certain situations, conflict can be resolved through restorative justice practice which allows all of the parties involved to participate in the process to support and learn from one another. To that end, the Office of Student Conduct organizes yearly RJ facilitator training. Over the course of two days, participants gain an understanding of RJ practices, recognize when it is appropriate to utilize RJ practices, and to understand roles, responsibilities and skills.  

Hearing Board Members

Hearing boards are made up of volunteers from across the UK community. These motivated and committed faculty members, staff and students participate in the process to resolve incidents involving the Code of Student Conduct. The members of the boards receive training from the Office of Student Conduct in areas of the Code of Student Conduct, University Housing Community Standards and other campus policies, the student conduct process, and the role of a hearing board member. 

Overview of the Conduct Process

Learn more about our process and procedures.


Request a Conduct or Conflict Related Training

The Office of Student Conduct can provide a wide-range presentations for classes around a variety of topics such as an overview of the conduct process, conflict resolution, and having prevention, to name a few. OSC can also provide restorative justice or facilitated conversations to help students work through and address conflict.

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Responding to Classroom Behavior

Helpful information to address a variety of student needs that may show up in the classroom.

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