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Information for Students

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974

Learn more about students' rights in higher education.


Disciplinary Holds

Find out more information about holds the Office of Student Conduct places on student accounts and how to resolve them.


Student Conduct Peer Advisors (SCPAs)

Peer advisors are trained and available to help students in the conduct process. Learn more here.


Receiving a letter from the Office of Student Conduct

If OSC requests to meet with you regarding an a conduct matter, you will receive a letter through a third-party platform called Maxient. The letter will be sent to your UKY email and you will enter your UK ID number (without the 9 at the beginning) as the ID number to access the information. If you are a student organization leader, OSC will email you with the appropriate ID number to use.  

Below are images showing the email you will receive and the letter retrieval screen. Any questions about these letters should be directed to OSC at 859-257-3755 or

Email Example  

Office of Student Conduct Letter Retrieval Email

Click the “Pick up your letter” button, which will open the Letter Retrieval screen in a separate browser.  

Letter Retrieval Example 

Office of Student Conduct Website for Letter Retrieval

Enter your ID number (without the 9 at the beginning) and click the “Retrieve Letter” button. If your ID number was entered correctly, your letter will display in the browser.