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Student Conduct Peer Advisors’ primary role is to assist students who have allegedly violated the University Housing Community Standards and/or Code of Student Conduct through the conduct process.  

When requested, a Student Conduct Peer Advisor meets with a student prior to their conduct meeting and/or hearing to explain the conduct process, help the student prepare, and answer any questions the student may have regarding the conduct process.  

In their advising role, Student Conduct Peer Advisors may also act as a student’s Support Person. According to the Code of Student Conduct, a Support Person is an individual who may attend an informal meeting or formal hearing to provide advice, support, or guidance to either the Respondent or the Complaining Witness. A Support Person may not represent, speak on behalf of, delay, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with a student conduct meeting or hearing.   

Alleged students are not required to utilize Student Conduct Advisor but are encouraged to do so.  

To reach a peer advisor, email

Hours of Operation

Emails are monitored during normal business hours.

Student Conduct Peer Advisors (SCPAs)