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Administrative Regulation 4:10 - Code of Student Conduct promotes the core values of the UK, including integrity, respect, responsibility and accountability, and sense of community. The Code outlines the rights for students and student organizations, the standards of conduct for all students and student organizations, and the procedures for determining violations.

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The Code of Student Conduct is available to review online at any time.


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The Code of Student Conduct promotes the core values of the UK, including integrity, respect, responsibility and accountability, and sense of community.

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Read About the Code

Learn more about the Code in the UK Now story from Sept. 21, 2023.

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Tune in and hear from your fellow Wildcats as they discuss the Code of Student Conduct.

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Code Highlights

What is the Code?

  • Outlines the rights and responsibilities of students 

  • Promotes UK's core values of integrity, respect, responsibility and accountability 

  • Supports UK's commitment to a student-centered, inclusive, safe and healthy community 

  • Outlines the student conduct process which helps students learn, mature, and develop greater self-awareness 

Why is the Code important?

  • Safeguards student rights, including the right to due process 

  • Helps to ensure that the community remains an inclusive and collaborative place to learn 

  • Balances the needs of the individual student with the greater UK community 

  • Establishes the expectations and responsibilities of members of the UK community  

What has changed?

  • Amnesty policy expanded to cover both the student seeking assistance for other students experiencing drug/alcohol related emergencies as well as the student experiencing the drug/alcohol related emergencies 

  • Updates to procedures to align with the guidelines in the recently passed Kentucky Campus Due Process Protection Act 

  • Additional definitions 

  • Language expanded to cover both in-person activities as well as online activity