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As a part of our outreach efforts, the office is available to facilitate presentations and trainings on a variety of topics. Common presentations and trainings include (but are not limited to): 

Conflict Resolution: Conflict and confrontation can be difficult, and the impact of conflict on relationships can be significant. This presentation examines conflict and how to recognize when conflict occurs. Participants will discover and discuss the different types of conflict management styles, as well as skills and strategies for managing conflict experienced. 

Hazing Prevention: It is important to be aware that hazing can be in virtually any kind of setting you find yourself in. This presentation discusses what hazing is and strategies to prevent it from occurring. Participants will also learn what to do when hazing does occur, how to report it and what to expect after it has been reported.  

Student Conduct Overview: In addition to discussing the mission and goals of the office, this presentation reviews student and student organization’s rights and responsibilities within the UK community. Participants will also learn about the entire process from investigation to resolution to rights to appeal outcomes. 

Community Expectations: Through this presentation, participants gain insight into the student conduct process. Additionally, community expectations and what it means to be a positive community member are discussed. 

Judicial Boards: Through this presentation, student groups will learn why judicial boards are important pieces of their organization. The structure, skills, and practice of these boards are reviewed and discussed. 

Have an need for a presentation or training outside of these? Let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs. 

To request a presentation, complete the form located below. Please complete this two weeks prior to your scheduled class or meeting.

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