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Student Conduct Peer Advisors (SCPAs): Peer advisors assist are college students trained in the code of student conduct and the conduct process in order to help other students going through the process understand their rights and what to expect in the process. They can also serve as Support Persons in the process. 

Hearing Boards: Hearing boards are made up of volunteers from across the UK community. These motivated and committed faculty members, staff and students participate in the process to resolve incidents involving the Code of Student Conduct. The members of the boards receive training from the Office of Student Conduct in areas of the Code of Student Conduct, University Housing Community Standards and other campus policies, the student conduct process, and the role of a hearing board member. 

Office of Student Conduct
Frazee Hall, 3rd Floor
Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Call: 859-257-3755