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Peer Coaching

The overall goal of the Peer Coaching Program is to assist new, transfer and non-traditional students with the integration into the intellectual and social life of the University. This is accomplished by supporting students with the adjustment to a new environment, sharing resources, sparking interests, and providing support and encouragement to help students obtain their goals in higher education.

Student Expectations:  

  • Weekly Contacts by Email, Phone and/or Text Messages and other social media from the peer coach. 

  • Monthly Individual Meetings with the peer coach 

  • Monthly Group Gatherings (peer coaches and their mentees) 

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a service available for the personal and academic concerns that students can face on a regular basis. These appointments are around 30-45 minutes and built around issues that students wish to address.  Life Coaching is having someone walk through these issues with you, so you don't have to face them alone. It is not a space for judgement, but an opportunity to be heard. If you have a lot on your mind, come and talk about it.  Some of the topics are:  

  • Issues with Classes 

  • Family Struggles 

  • Difficult Friendships 

  • Loss of a Loved One 

  • Ending Relationships 

  • Money Problems 

  • Health Issues 

  • Lack of Motivation 

  • Personal concerns 

SSS Advising Meetings

SSS participants will meet with an SSS Program Advisor a minimum of three times per semester (the third appointment may be held via email correspondence).  These meetings typically last around 50 minutes and provide comprehensive academic support.  Please note if you are receiving a William C. Parker Scholarship, the services you receive through SSS will fulfill the requirements necessary to keep your scholarship.