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Tutoring is when the student (tutee) is assisted by the peer (tutor) to understand the material of a specific course. The tutor is not a teacher in the full sense of the word, but a person knowledgeable of the subject matter and able to facilitate the tutee's understanding of it. SSS provides two types of tutoring: Individual and Small Group. Students can do a combination of the two as well. The tutor & tutee schedule the time that best suits their schedules, which allows for more flexibility. SSS tutoring promotes six goals that our tutors work to meet. They are. 

  • Promote independence in learning 

  • Personalize instruction 

  • Facilitate tutee insights into learning & the learning process 

  • Provide a student perspective on learning and school success 

  • Respect individual differences 

  • Promote a positive self-image while giving positive criticism 

Student Support Services Office
Gatton Student Center – East Wing C201
Hours of Operation

TBD by the Tutor/Tutee