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The VIP Center offers a variety of programs and presentations and are more than happy to present to your classroom or organization.

Below is a brief overview of the programs and presentations currently offered. Because of the personalized nature of our programs, we ask that you give as much lead time as possible when requesting a presentation.

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VIP Center General Overview

A brief overview of the VIP Center, the services we provide, information on our campus partners, and how to get involved with us.

#ConsentCulture Workshop

#ConsentCulture stands as a foundational workshop for preventing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), designed for UK students. The workshop's primary focus is to impart an understanding of the concept of consent, distinguishing what it entails and what it does not. Additionally, participants will familiarize themselves with the university's specific definition of consent. The workshop aims to equip attendees with the knowledge to collectively and individually extend the boundaries and comprehension of consent. Ultimately, the goal is to foster a culture deeply rooted in consent within the UK student community.

"How to Help a Friend"

"How to Help a Friend" is designed to empower individuals with effective ways to respond when someone they care about is either currently facing or has previously experienced Interpersonal Violence. By lending actionable advice and fostering empathy, the workshop offers participants guidance in creating a safer environment for those around them.