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Casey T. Grimes is an Afro-Caribbean descendant and African American native from Lexington, KY. He earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Kentucky, and his M.Ed. in Urban Educational Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Before joining the Transformative Learning community, Casey invested his energy into teaching secondary English in D.C and coaching soccer. Casey grew up traveling at a very young age visiting his island family in Trinidad all the way to Toronto; shaping the way he viewed culture, relationships, and communities. He is grateful to have the opportunity to educate his two sons on the values he has learned within his experiences while he grounds himself in his hometown.

Prior job that shaped him: After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Casey took a position within a nonprofit at MaryHurst where he desired to use his degree to full capacity. Casey became a mental health youth counselor where he connected with many younger women who shared humbling experiences that reframed his way of thinking toward others with different backgrounds. This allowed him to walk with more intentionality and wear his truth on his sleeves for others who are not in a position to make their own choices and plan out their own future.

How he describes himself: Out the box, Opportunist, Conscious risk-taker, Adventurous father who loves to embrace the potential in others

What he enjoys doing outside of work: Riding his electric bike, hiking with his kids, traveling to other countries, reading books and following along on audible, designing new visuals and tattoos, eating Caribbean food, and going to the gym.

A goal in life: To wear my truth on my skin every single day.

Fun fact: I am an avid risk-taker. I enjoy skydiving, trying new foods, sitting on the edge of high places, traveling to new countries, riding my electric bike in traffic, and finding enjoyment in spaces others would not.