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Common Hour Study Group

Common Hour Study Group (CHSG) sessions are large group tutoring sessions facilitated by peer tutors at The Study.
* UK Invest eligible 

GRE Prep Seminar

Kick start your studying for the GRE with this 2 hour workshop .

Integrated Success Coaching

Collaborate one-on-one with your coach to build a personalized action plan for success.
*UK Invest eligible

Online Private Tutoring Tutor Ocean

Simple and easy way to search for, or become, a private tutor in a wide range of courses and content.

The Study Peer Tutoring Program

Free, drop-in, peer tutoring for many 100 & 200 level courses in mathematics, science, & business.
*UK Invest eligible

Presentation U Speaking and Writing Center

Free peer tutoring for communication and composition assignments. Any assignment. Any course.
*UK Invest eligible

Supplemental Instruction

Series of weekly, peer-led, active study sessions for select 100 & 200 level courses.
*UK Invest eligible