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Common Hour Study Group (CHSG) sessions are large group tutoring sessions facilitated by peer tutors at The Study.

Course Date & Time Additional Resources
MA 113/114

Sundays 6 PM - 8 PM

February 4th 

March 3rd 

April 7th 


MA 113 Course Website

MA 114 Course Website

CHE 107

Mondays 6 PM - 8 PM

February 5th 

March 4th 

April 8th

UK General Chemistry Course Details

MA 123

Tuesdays 6 PM - 8 PM

February 6th 

March 5th 

April 9th 

MA 123 Course Website
The Study Central
500 Rose Street, Lexington KY 40506
Hours of Operation

CHSG sessions will be held in the evenings, approximately a week prior to the course's exam date. Please check the schedule for exact date and time for your course's CHSG session.



Common Hour Study Group (CHSG)

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What are CHSGs

Common Hour Study Group (CHSG) sessions are large group tutoring sessions facilitated by The Study's veteran peer tutors. The Study works with current course faculty to prepare practice problems that are representative of what students can expect to see on the exam.   

The Study has found students who attend both drop-in tutoring as well as CHSG sessions, on average, do better in their course than those who attend only CHSG sessions. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to also access free drop-in peer tutoring early and often! 

Students working together at a supplemental instruction session

What to Expect at CHSGs

When coming to CHSG, students can expect to work collaboratively with other students in the same course. Peer tutors will use practice problems to guide students through exam concepts and will also address any specific questions students may have about topics on the exam as well as best ways to prepare. 

Faculty & Staff who would like to collaborate with The Study on an event and/or request a representative to come to their class and speak about our services are invited to email us at

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