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Welcome to Transformative Learning

Transformative Learning (TL), housed in the Office for Student Success, is a centralized student support unit on campus, a student’s one-stop shop for on-campus academic resources.  

Throughout the Wildcat journey, Transformative Learning is here to support every student by providing student-centered academic services. Whether they are seeking guidance on improving time management skills, feedback on a paper, or tutoring in a math class we are here to meet them at whatever stage they are at! Transformative Learning knows how challenging (and rewarding) college life can be, so we have built our programs and services to better equip students to meet those challenges and reach their goals.  

Transformative Learning is a partner students will be able to count on as part of their Wildcat support team! We want to make sure all students have the tools they need to be successful. 

Transformative Learning is a very open and adaptable resource that prioritizes all students, making sure that their academic and personal lives are attended to.

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