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2,800+ Fall 2022 enrollment

A majority of freshman take UK101 their first fall, but sections are 30 students or less. It is a great way to make a large campus feel smaller during the first semester at UK.

115 Number of sections offered

With over 100 options, any student can fit UK101 into their fall schedule!

UK 101: Academic Orientation

Develop your academic skills, build lasting relationships, and become a better Wildcat! 

Transitioning to college is an exciting and challenging time filled with new people, places, and experiences. UK 101 provides you with a space for these adjustments. This class focuses on study skills, using resources to enhance your well-being, and fostering positive relationships with all the new people in your life.  

UK 101 is co-taught by a faculty or staff member along with an undergraduate student.  


UK 201: Academic Orientation for Transfer Students

It is wonderful to welcome transfer students onto campus! Even though you have experience as a college student, this class will help you learn about life as a Wildcat.  Come ready to meet other transfer students and learn how to navigate campus and succeed in your classes. Topics in this class include time management, academic resources, career exploration, and much more!  

Sample syllabi link (coming soon)

What students are saying about UK101

“UK 101 helped me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

“My professor reached out to me and genuinely took the time to help me with my college career.”

“UK 101 helped me be able to transition to college easier”

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