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Rachael is originally from Pennsylvania and came to Kentucky in 2007 via Texas where she earned her Master’s Degree in Communication Studies at the University of North Texas. She went on to earn her Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky in the College of Education, Department of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation with a Certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies. Rachael has worked in Transformative Learning since 2014 and is currently the Associate Director of Academic Preparation and Achievement, which includes coordinating UK 101/201, Academic Preparation & Placement programming, and the Wildcat Success Plan.

Prior job that shaped her: As an undergraduate student at Clarion University, Rachael was hired as a freshman in a work-study position in the office of the Chair of the Speech Communication Department. It was in this job that she learned about the organization of higher education, pathways to graduate school, and received an internship to co-teach incoming freshmen that were deferred admissions. The Chair of the Department invested his time and energy in Rachael and it was his support that enabled her to go on to graduate school and ultimately a career in higher education.

How she describes herself: Educator, lifelong learner, feminist, mother

What she enjoys doing outside of work: Enjoying farm life with her husband and 4 daughters. They own The Good Place farm which is home to 6 horses, 1 pony, 2 goats, 11 chickens, 4 dogs, and 7 cats.

A goal in life: Raise confident, empowered women that will positively impact those around them

Fun fact: Rachael recently led her goats in Georgetown’s Festival of the Horse parade with the Children’s Montessori School of Georgetown and they won first place in the parade!