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Jennifer Malone is originally from Michigan and has lived in Kentucky for the past four years. She earned her undergraduate degree in English and Elementary Education from Florida A & M University, and her MSW degree from Western Michigan University. She was previously a teacher and worked in the non-profit sector with parents as well as in substance abuse prevention. Jennifer is an Associate Certified Coach and trainer through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. Jennifer has been an Integrated Success Coach in Transformative Learning since March of 2021. 

Prior job that shaped her: As a manager for a parenting program within an Early Childhood Education system, she learned the many aspects of people and their behaviors. She was responsible for training family coaches to put the needs of families into context and assist them where they are in the present moment. She also taught the coaches how to support families in a non-judgmental way. This shaped her as she learned how preparing children and families early on leads to positive behaviors that they will take with them throughout their educational career and beyond. Having this previous position has enabled her to treat every student that she encounters today with integrity and respect as she walks alongside them during their unique journey to success.

How she describes herself: Compassionate, nurturing, and kind.

What she enjoys doing outside of work: Spending time with her husband and two children, shopping, and baking when time permits. 

A goal in life: To continue to positively influence and encourage others.

Fun fact: She loves to watch cartoons with her daughter.

Jennifer's Certifications / Professional Affiliations / Awards:


Certified University of Kentucky Integrated Success Coach

Gallup Strengths Coach