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The Academic Preparation and Achievement (APA) program provides placement testing for incoming students who have not yet met statewide minimum test scores or high school GPA requirements for college readiness.  

Who needs to take a placement test?  

Any incoming student can take a reading, writing, or mathematics placement test at no cost. Students with an APP status and placement test directive on their account need to complete a placement test prior to their Big Blue Nation Orientation.  

Students admitted with an APP status received a letter accompanying their admissions letter with steps to take to resolve this status via placement testing. Students can also view their MyUK advising profile to determine what placement test(s) they need to complete. 

An advising profile example where the bottom right-hand corner is highlighted to show the Math, Reading, and Writing APP Requirements

There are three placement tests: ALEKS Math Placement Test, Accuplacer Next Gen Reading Placement Test and Accuplacer Next Gen Writing Placement Test. In order to know which exam(s) you need to complete you will need to review your ACT/SAT scores, which can be found in your profile in myUK

Once logged in, click Student Services > myInfo myProfile. Once in your myProfile, refer to the bottom left-hand box to view your needed placement test areas for reading, writing and/or math.

If your account does not reflect your most current scores, send an updated score report to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, 100 Funkhouser Building, Lexington, KY 40506, or scan a score report and send via email to

If you meet any of the following criteria, you will complete a placement test: 

Math Placement Test (ALEKS)

  • Unweighted High School GPA below 3.0

  • Math ACT score below 19

  • Math SAT score below 510

  • KYOTE test score below 21

To get started with ALEKS, click here!

Writing Placement Test (Accuplacer Next Gen)

  • Unweighted High School GPA below 2.9

  • English ACT score below 18

  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading/Writing score below 490 or Reading subtest score below 25

Reading Placement Test (Accuplacer Next Gen)

  • Unweighted High School GPA below 2.9

  • Reading ACT score below 19

  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading/Writing score below 490 or Reading subtest score below 24

For questions about which test you need to take please contact or call 859-218-6010.


Online and in-person testing options

All placement tests must be proctored by a trained University of Kentucky proctor in order to be considered completed.  

Students have the option to complete their placement test remotely through Zoom proctoring or on-campus with in-person proctors. Below are some considerations when determining the best testing option for you.  


Online (zoom) testing requirements: 

  • Access to a quiet space for up to 2 hours 

  • Zoom downloaded and installed on your computer 

  • Laptop (not an iPad or Chromebook) 

  • High-speed internet 

  • Quality web camera 

  • Quality audio 

  • Screen sharing with the proctor 

  • Visibility of your space by the proctor 

  • Set up and ready to test at your appointment time 


On-campus testing requirements: 

  • Arrive on time at your designated testing day 

  • Testing held in W.T. Young Library - Click here to see it on the campus map.

floorplan of the basement of William T. Young library

Placement testing will be held in room B110 in the basement of William T. Young library (floorplan pictured above). 

Schedule an Online Placement Test

Click here for instructions on how to schedule a placement test.


Schedule an In-Person Placement Test

Click here to register for a testing date. 


For more information on college readiness indicators, please visit the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education 2023 indicators: 

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