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TL Employment FAQ

Where do I go to apply?

All open positions for Transformative Learning will be posted on

You can do a key word search for "Transformative Learning" or narrow your search under Department Name by going to "1B140: Transformative Learning".

What if there are no positions listed?

If you are on UKJobs and searching for "Transformative Leanring" but get no results, unfortunetly there is no open positions at the time.  Please check back soon as our hiring needs may change throughout the semester.

Generally, there are 2 main hiring seasons students interested in working for TL should be aware of. Often TL will open job postings in September/October to start Spring Term and will open job postings in February/March to start in Fall Term. 

If you have questions about a specifc student position please contact us at 

Do I need to be in a specific major to apply?

Not at all!  Transformative Learning student employment opportunities are open to any major from any college.  The minimum qualification for all positions is a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Some positions, such The Study Peer Tutor and SI Leader, do have additional requirments related to final grade in specific courses.  Please refer to the Work at TL page for a complete description of all job requirments for each position.

I wanted to be a tutor, but I earned a B instead of an A. Should I still bother applying?

Absolutely! While your overall grade is important, we know that some classes are just plain difficult. It will not affect whether or not you are offered a position with Transformative Learning if you received a B in the class instead of an A.

If I am currently enrolled in the course I want to tutor, should I still apply?

Yes!  If you are currently enrolled in a course you want to tutor please submit your application.  Just be aware, if you are offered a position it will be contingent upon completion of that course with an A or B and you will not be able to start work until the following semester (i.e. applicants applying during the spring semester will not start until the fall, and applicants applying during the fall semester will not start until the spring).

How does scheduling of shifts work? How many hours a week can I work?

A big benefit of working at TL is we will work around your academic schedule!  Student employees are asked to submit availability prior to the start of each term and will get a weekly set schedule for that semester. So, you can build working at TL into your schedule much like any class or internship.

All TL student employees are part-time, with many students working 4-8 hour per week. 

When is training? What will a new employee learn at training?

TL's largest training days for student employees take place every August and every January. These are usually a couple days prior to the start of classes for that term and are mandatory for all new employees.  All TL programs also hold Professional Development opportunities for employees throughout the semester. While these dates/times vary by program, often they are held on a Sunday afternoon once a month.

All TL student employees can expect to learn about TL services and other campus resources, active listening, and productive interpersonal communication skills. From there, each training program is tailer to prepare employees for their unique job responsibilities including topics such as: effective tutoring methods (e.g. Socratic Method, scaffolding techniques, etc.), wait-time, productive study habits, and much more. Training is also the first step in the College Reading and Learning Association certification process for those working as tutors. 

Who should I contact if I have other questions that aren’t answered here?

For general questions regarding working at Transformative Learning please email us at: 

For position specific questions please refer questions to the following team members: