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Need to file a conduct report?

Fill out the Student Conduct form

Conduct Reporting Form

Need To Provide A Roster/Advisor Update? 

Email to be provided your chapter status report to make updates


Need To Report A Crime? 

Fill out a Campus Security Authority Incident Form

  • Advisors of fraternities and sororities are required to report any crimes that are told to them by the the students, please use the link above to report these crimes to the University Police. By reporting the alleged crime, you are not filing a police report but merely informing the police about the crime which has taken place. 

  • This form does not replace calling 911 in the event of an immediate emergency 


Experienced Hazing or Know Someone Who Has Experienced Hazing? 

Fill out a conduct report 


Concerned About A Member? 

Fill out a Center For Support and Intervention Form


Need To Book A Space? 

Submit a Reservation Request


Need To Register An Event For Your Organization? 


  • Go to your organization's page > events > register new event 


Are you a student seeking mental health support? 

TRACS (Triage, Referral, and Crisis Support)

Call 859-21-TRACS (218-7227), complete the form on the Get Help page above, or show up in-person (third floor, east wing of the Gatton Student Center)

Required Forms: 

  • Chapter Status Report

    • Filled out at the beginning of the semester  

  • Member Experience Form 

    • Filled out at the beginning of the semester by either the Member Education or New Member Educator of the organization 

  • Scholarship Form 

    • Filled out at the beginning of the semester by the Scholarship Chair  

  • New Member Education Form 

    • Filled out by the New Member Educator at the beginning of any semester that the chapter is doing recruitment or intake  

  • Recruitment/Intake Form  

    • Filled out by the Recruitment or Intake chair of the organization at the beginning of the semester 

  • Break Contact Information Form 

    • Filled out at the end of the semester in order for FSL to have contact information for available officers and advisors over winter and summer break