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Empowering Wildcat Success

Residence Life at the University of Kentucky believes in fostering an environment where every student finds a sense of belonging and community in their new home. Our commitment to creating a welcoming place that celebrates all of our community members is not just a statement – it's an active pursuit embedded in the heart of our residential curriculum, The Wildcat Way. This approach is essential in creating vibrant communities that are supported through deliberate programming and support.

We are dedicated to crafting an environment conducive to student success, recognizing that this is most achievable in a setting where shared community and engagement are the norms. By encouraging students to interact, work, and live with people from a variety of backgrounds, we facilitate a rich learning experience grounded in mutual respect and understanding.

Our mission is intrinsically linked to supporting the university’s Four Pillars of Student Success within all the communities we oversee. This involves:

  1. Academic Achievement: Providing robust support systems and resources to excel academically.
  2. Physical & Mental Wellness: Prioritizing holistic well-being through various wellness programs and initiatives.
  3. Inclusion & Belonging: Ensuring every student feels valued, heard, and an integral part of the community.
  4. Financial Stability: Offering guidance and resources to aid in managing financial responsibilities effectively.

The Wildcat Way

Through The Wildcat Way, we are committed not just to supporting our students but to empowering them to thrive in all aspects of their university experience.

At the University of Kentucky, The Wildcat Way is brought to life through a series of targeted strategies and events designed to enhance the student experience in every aspect. Here are some key initiatives:

Building Better Relationships with Your Roommate
Through the Roommate Contract Agreement, students learn to navigate conflicts and build strong, positive relationships with their roommates, laying the foundation for a harmonious living environment.

After Office Hours
This signature event transforms residence halls into dynamic forums. Faculty and staff visit to engage in discussion panels, offering insights about life at UK and highlighting on-campus resources available to students.

CATS UP Sessions
These bi-semester one-on-one conversations between residents and their RAs are pivotal. They focus on evaluating and enhancing the student experience, helping students craft personal success plans and develop effective strategies for making the most of their college years.

Wellbeing, Academic Success, and Life Skills Seminars
A variety of seminars and events are hosted within the halls. These sessions are geared towards promoting wellbeing, academic success, and essential life skills, supporting students as they navigate both academic and social aspects of campus life.

Community Building Activities
From casual hangouts and shared meals to game nights and group movie viewings, these activities foster a strong sense of community. They offer residents a chance to relax, connect, and create lasting memories, while also encouraging attendance at campus events together.

Through these initiatives, we embody the essence of The Wildcat Way, ensuring that our residence halls are more than just a place to stay – they are vibrant communities where every student can thrive.