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Get Involved: Your Journey as a Wildcat in Our Residence Halls 

Welcome to the vibrant and engaging life of a Wildcat resident! Living in our halls is more than just a place to stay; it's about being part of a dynamic community where every student's voice matters. As Wildcats, we each play a pivotal role in creating a fun, vibrant, and engaging atmosphere that enhances our journey toward leading lives of meaning and purpose. 


Residence Halls; Around Campus
Hours of Operation

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Hall Programming: A Blend of Fun and Learning

Our Residence Life staff coordinates over 2000 community-building activities annually, focusing on building community, learning from each other and our identities, and events focusing on life skills, academic success, and well-being. These activities are not just fun; they're designed to complement your academic journey and personal growth. To dive into these enriching experiences, check out your hall's BBNvolved page or connect with your RA.  

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Collaborate with Resident Advisors (RAs) and Resident Directors (RDs)

Our RAs and RDs are always looking for enthusiastic students to help plan and execute programs and events in our halls. Your participation and feedback are crucial in making our residence halls the best place for Wildcats to live, learn, and grow. Let's work together to make our halls a hub of excitement and camaraderie! 

Explore Student Leadership Roles

Resident Advisors (RAs)

As a Resident Advisor, you become a mentor and leader in our residence halls, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for fellow students. RAs play a key role in planning activities, providing guidance, and fostering a sense of community. Interested in becoming an RA? For more details, visit our Residence Life Employment Page. 

Front Desk Clerks

Join our team as a Front Desk Clerk to be the welcoming face of our residence halls. This role involves managing administrative tasks, assisting residents, and ensuring a smooth operation at the hall's front desk. A great opportunity to develop customer service and organizational skills. Learn more on our Residence Life Employment Page. 

Community Advisory Boards (CABs)

Our Community Advisory Boards (CABs) are at the heart of our vibrant residence life. As a group of dedicated student volunteers, CABs are instrumental in shaping area-wide and campus-wide programs tailored to our residential students' interests and needs.

Eager to make a difference?

Reach out to Susan Wilton at and join this exciting initiative! 

Peer Mentoring in Living-Learning Programs

For current LLP students aspiring to shape next year's community, consider becoming a Peer Mentor! This role offers a chance to guide new students, share your experiences, and cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment. As a mentor, you'll contribute significantly to both your mentees' success and your personal growth.

Interested? Reach out to for more information on how to get involved.