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About Graysen: 

Graysen Jennings was born in Arlington Heights, 23 miles north of the Chicago metro area, but has spent almost the entirety of his life growing up in a rapidly fast-growing suburb known as Ankeny, Iowa (10 miles from the capital, Des Moines). Graysen started off at a small private school in River Forest, Illinois (also a Chicago suburb), where he played some division III baseball, and majored in Corporate Communications. After a couple school years, Graysen then transferred his junior year in 2020 to the University of Missouri-Kansas City, or UMKC for short. From there, he earned his B.A in Psychology in 2022. Graysen is currently a second-year master’s student in the sport and exercise psychology program at UK, on track to graduate in the spring of 2024. Additionally, he is working as an integrated success coach for the Transformation Learning department, where he hopes to gain long-lasting connections, as well as contribute his time, perception and reliability accordingly. 


Prior job that shaped them: 

The previous job that Graysen had before the ISC position, was held with the CATS department. He worked as an Academic Services Assistant (ASA), and had responsibilities of overseeing UK football player’s grades, class attendances, and tutoring attendance. While the ASA position is tailored towards providing students with helpful educational resources and keeping them accountable throughout the schoolyear, it also does justice with implementing forms of mentorship and leadership presence. Graysen has belief that some of the work done last year can influence the way he progresses with his future endeavors in the ISC position. 


How they describe themself: Learner, networker, loyal, accepting, adaptable, movie lover, sports lover 


A goal in life: To be a sport psychology consultant at a major university 


Fun fact: Graysen is ambidextrous, but a natural born lefty. He writes left, bowls left, eats left, but hits a baseball from right side of the plate, throws right, and has punching power from his right side. In addition, he’s never eaten a bowl of cereal with milk! 


Graysen’s Certifications / Professional Affiliations / Awards:  

BOEE (Board of Educational Examiners) coaching certification