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About Justin:

Justin, the oldest of four children, grew up in Southeastern Idaho, living just an hour away from Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. This proximity gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. Although he actively participated in cross country and track during high school, Justin is an avid fan of baseball, basketball, and football. To unwind and relax, he listens to podcasts about sports and movies. In his free time, he enjoys quality time with his wife, engaging in friendly competition through board games and pickleball. Recently, the couple embarked on a thrilling new chapter of their lives with the arrival of their child, a fun adventure that has kept them on their toes. 


Prior job that shaped them:

In high school, Justin and his friends worked together at a DJ company. They played music at high school dances, company parties, and holiday parties. This job taught Justin that even though life can sometimes be difficult for individuals, life can also be full of fun, especially when you have a strong support system.  


How they describe themself: Listener, movie-lover, non-judgmental, charismatic, adventurous. 


A goal in life: To climb the Grand Teton 


Fun fact: Justin lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for two years where he became fluent in Portuguese and developed a love for mangos, humidity, and soccer.