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Faculty/Staff Services

At Disability Services, we collaborate with the university community to create accessible educational environments for students with disabilities. We know that you as a faculty or staff member play such a critical role in this work. We are committed to partnering with you in both promoting inclusive course design and implementing effective accommodations.

Guidance to Faculty Seeking to Schedule an Examination with the Accommodated Test Services


  1. Student registers with the DRC office
  2. Student receives a letter of accommodation from the DRC office with identified testing accommodations.
  3. Student provides their letter of accommodation to their instructor. When requesting exam accommodations, a student should provide reasonable notice to their instructor*, (7 days’ notice or more before a coming exam/quiz date). *Accommodations can be requested throughout the semester 
  4. Student and instructor then discuss accommodation needs and how to meet testing accommodations within the office or department.
  5. If exam accommodations cannot be met in the office or department, the instructor can submit requests to the DRC office for assistance 7 days or more before a coming exam/quiz date.
  6. (If through the DRC) the exam will be scheduled by the DRC staff and details will be posted online for instructor and student to view, as soon as details are complete.
  7. The instructor is to submit the exam by 12:00 pm (noon) the business day before a scheduled exam (exams for Monday- should be delivered on the Friday before, this includes passwords and paper copies).
  8. The completed exam is to be picked up during DRC office hours by the instructor or who their designee.

DRC Testing Center office is open M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (exams can be given outside these hours M-F, but the office will not be open)

Exam Requests

Requests to schedule an exam should be submitted to the DRC 7 days or more before a coming exam date. Early requests are appreciated and all semester exam dates, including the final date, can be submitted at once. Late requests will be processed upon receipt and will be scheduled as the DRC’s resources allow.

The DRC’s Accommodated Testing Service is considered the backup plan.

If the student’s accommodations can be met in the department we ask that you please do so (it is not the student’s choice to take the exam in the department or the DRC).

General Procedure Summary

Students should provide their accommodation letter to their instructors as early as possible with reasonable notice and discuss making arrangements within their instructor’s office or department. If the student’s accommodations can be met in the department we ask that you please do so (it is not the student’s choice where to take the exam, as long as their accommodations can be met). The DRC’s Accommodated Testing Service is considered the backup plan. If you need assistance in understanding a student’s accommodations, please contact our office 859-257-2754.

Test proctoring is available through the DRC by completing the online Accommodated Test Proctoring Service request form. Guidance regarding the utilization of this services by faculty is provided in this video link

A list of the students we have received requests for can be accessed through the following link: DRC Requests Received

Exam Delivery

The DRC asks to receive exams/quizzes no later than 12:00 PM (noon) the business day before the scheduled exam (this includes passwords and paper copies).

Exam Schedule

The current DRC Exam Schedule will be posted 3-4 days prior to the scheduled exam for the instructor and student to review. The student is advised to check the schedule the night before their exam to see if any changes have occurred.

The current exam schedule can be accessed by

Clicking here: UK DRC Accommodated Exam Schedule 


Through the DRC’s homepage:

Exam Pick Up

Completed exams will be available for the instructor, or whom they designate, to pick up the working day after the scheduled exam. The DRC office is open M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.


When a student does not show up for their scheduled examination, the faculty member will be notified by email. Should the faculty allow the student to take a make-up examination and it cannot be administered in the department, the Accommodated Test Proctoring Center can rebook as DRC resources allow.

Unethical Behavior

Students receiving testing accommodations have the responsibility of honest‚ ethical test taking behavior and of maintaining the integrity of the test. Cheating will not be tolerated, and Disability Resource Staff are required to report any suspicious behavior by the student to the faculty. Students utilizing the Accommodated Testing Services will be monitored either in person or through the DRC camera monitoring system. All testing activities in the Accommodated Testing Services area are digitally recorded and can be used by the University in test integrity investigations. Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the faculty.

Faculty/Instructor Consultation

The Accommodation Consultants at the Disability Resource Center seek to facilitate an environment of inclusion and accessibility for students with disabilities to ensure receive equal opportunity and access to education and campus activities at the University of Kentucky. The DRC consultants will meet with faculty one-on-one, by department or by college to discuss specific or general topics related to the accommodation process. This may result in the student receiving accommodation letters, accommodated test-taking services, alternative text services, community resource linkage, captioning and interpreting services, service animal registration, temporary disability services, or transitional services into the workforce. 

Consultation services are also available to faculty to assist in answering specific questions regarding recommended accommodations, student issues, alternative text for class materials, creating an inclusive classroom environment for students with disabilities and how to incorporate principles of universal design into the educational experience.

Contact the DRC at or 859-257-2754.



DRC staff are available to speak on a wide variety of topics related to the disability experience in the academic and campus community. We are available for staff or faculty meetings, college meetings, trainings, brown bags, etc.and can accommodate a wide range of time availability. Potential presentation topics are:

  • Orientation to DRC Services
  • Universal Design Instruction Strategies
  • Accommodations in the Higher Education Setting
  • Disability Culture and Etiquette
  • Compensatory Strategies

If you have an informational need, but don't see it listed here, please feel free to contact the DRC to determine whether we can develop a specialized training for you or your group.