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Photo Contact Information
Lindzie Abner
Eligibility & Processing Counselor
Valorie Adkins
Front Desk Support
Linda Agent
External Scholarship Coordinator
Nicholas Barnes
Student Financial Ombud
Jennifer Belcher
FA Outreach Coordinator
Kathy Bialk, Ed. D.
Executive Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
Laura Beth Brescoach
Assistant Director for Student Eligibility and Verification
Raymond Brooks
Financial Aid Coordinator (College of Medicine)
Donald Brown
Financial Aid Coordinator (College of Dentistry)
Tina Bryan
Lead Financial Aid Counselor
Rhonda Bryant
Deputy Director for Policy and Strategic Initiatives
Robert Buckmon
Financial Aid Counselor
Sandy Copher
Director of Academic Scholarship Programs
Bob Fultz
Associate Director of Assessment, Compliance and Training
Amanda Hale
Scholarship Advisor
Mandi Jackson
Financial Aid Coordinator
Tiffany Jackson
Director of Counseling, Processing and Outreach
Lacy Lawhon
Medical Center Financial Aid
Jarrod Lopez
Director of William C. Parker Belonging Scholarship Program
Katie McCarty
Financial Aid Counselor
Amy McHone
Federal Direct & Private Loan Coordinator
Beth Mekus
Federal Grants & Withdrawal Coordinator
Jackie Miley
Senior Associate Director / ProSAM System Coordinator
Bill Monzione
ProSAM IT Support / Senior Systems Analyst (SLCM)
Victoria Owens
Associate Director, FA Funds Management
Grant Roberts
Departmental Scholarships / SAG
Crystal Shepherd
Assistant Director, Scholarships
Kaarla Stamper
Financial Aid Counselor
David Taylor
Federal Work-Study Program Manager
Terri Jo Thomas
KEES / State Aid Coordinator
Jake Watts
Financial Aid Counselor
Caitlin Webster
Financial Aid Counselor 

Financial Aid Counselors

Our Financial Aid Counseling Team works together to provide information and solutions that assist our student with affording their educational expenses.

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