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The Financial Ombud Services office provides guidance and assistance, specific to their UK billing statement, to students who have encountered financial difficulties only after they have met with their University of Kentucky financial aid counselor. The Financial Ombud Services works with students individually to assist in student financial challenges affecting scheduled payments for tuition and fees to the university. 


Office of Financial Aid
127 Funkhouser Building, University of Kentucky Lexington, KY 40506-0054
Hours of Operation

By Appointment

When should I consult the Financial Ombud?

  • If you incur difficult financial problems that affect payment of your tuition, housing, and dining fees. 

  • If you are considering withdrawing from and/or not attending the University of Kentucky due to financial problems.  

How can the Financial Ombud help me?

  • Provide a neutral and confidential setting to listen and identify tuition/ fee payment and financial problems. 

  • Explain student billing/deadline policies and procedures. 

  • Assist students with Financial Aid problems and processes. 

  • Assist students and parents who are experiencing financial hardships with establishing special payment arrangements. 

  • Assist students who are unable to register for classes because of financial hardships. 

  • Explain Financial Aid and Registration appeal processes and make referrals as needed. 

  • Counsel and make recommendations and referrals for financial assistance. 

Who do I contact?

Book an appointment with the Financial Aid Ombud.

The Financial Ombud can also be reached by email at