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Computer Lab & Free Printing

Eligible users have access to several computers, a color printer/scanner, and standard office supplies.

Consultation with VetSuccess on Campus Counselor

The VetSuccess on Campus program helps Service members, Veterans, and their eligible dependents succeed in their vocational goals. The program provides on-campus benefit assistance and counseling.

Daily Use Lockers

The Veterans Resource Center provides free daily use lockers where veterans and military-connected students can store small items.

UK 201 - Academic Orientations for Transfers Specialty Sections for Veterans and Military-Connected Students

UK 201 provides new UK transfer students with information, experiences, and resources that support their success. The Veterans Resource Center Director is the instructor for two UK 201 sections that focus on veterans and military-connected students.

VA Education Benefits Consultation

Questions about using VA benefits at UK connect with a VA Certifying Official.

Veterans Lounge with Kitchenette

The Veterans Resource Center provides a space to hang out and connect with other veterans, heat up meals, and more!