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By submitting an alert at the first sign of a student struggling, we are able to provide in-time interventions to support them and potentially improve their performance in your class and others.

Academic Alerts allow you to report concerns related to performance inside the classroom, such as low grades on tests/quizzes, missed assignments, etc., while Behavioral Alerts are most appropriate when you have a more holistic concern about the student related to their mental health, welfare, or food and/or housing security.

If you are unsure, you can always submit an alert through both systems; all data is integrated so we can provide the best holistic response.

Submitting these alerts are important tools to activate College and Student Success partners, who can provide resources to assist you as a faculty member. In response to feedback from our faculty and college partners, we have developed a mechanism to ensure that you know when an alert has been read.

Academic Alerts System

Submit An Alert

Following submission, you will receive a follow-up email from University Advising indicating receipt of your alert and providing a point of contact for questions and concerns.


Alerts System Guide

Includes information about accessing academic alerts in Canvas, myUK Student Alert and Class Rolls, how to submit individual and bulk alerts, as well as how to view alerts in Advising Hub 2.0.

View PDF

Bulk Alert Form

If you teach a course with an enrollment of more than 50 students, you can download the template below to submit (upload) bulk alerts in myUK.

Download the bulk template


Upload Bulk Template in myUK

Behavioral Alerts

Please note the Academic Alert System is for academic alerts only.

Behavioral Alert submissions utilize a new referral form.

There are many situations in which a behavioral concern referral is a good option. Please complete the refer a student section in the Get Help Form linked in the box below. Please provide information that will help TRACS (Triage, Referral, Assistance and Crisis Support) or the Center for Support and Intervention so they can provide students with the appropriate campus resources.

TRACS and Center for Support and Intervention

Behavioral alert submissions can be made using the Maxient Get Help Form. Complete your referral in the "Referred Student Information" section.

Refer a Student

Academic Alerts System Support

  • Please use this form to provide feedback and report issues with the Academics Alerts System.
  • If you have any specific technical questions regarding submitting alerts, please email the support team.