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How do I figure out my advisor assignment?

There are many types of undergraduate academic and program advisors at UK.

To see your advisor assignments, log in to the myUK website with your linkblue ID and password. Under Student Services, select the Degree Planning and Registration (myUKGPS) tab.

Your assigned advisors will be listed in a column titled "My Advisors" on the right-hand side of the page. Your primary academic advisor should be listed at the top. Students may be assigned advisors for minors, Honors, Athletics, etc; you should contact the relevant advisor depending on your questions.


Tabs at the top of the screen in myUK. Students will select "Degree Planning and Registration (myUK GPS) to see their homepage and make an appointment with an advisor.


View in myUKGPS "Degree Planning and Registration" tab. Column with a list of student's advisors (with primary academic advisor at the top) can be found on the righthand side of the screen.



What if I don't have an advisor assigned?

If you are a current UK undergraduate student and don’t have a primary academic advisor assigned, please contact so we can assist you. 

If you are a prospective UK undergraduate student, your advisor will be assigned during your Big Blue Nation Orientation process. If you still have questions, feel free to contact

Is advising only for undergraduate students? What about graduate and professional students?

For graduate and professional students, having an advisor may depend on your program. For example, some students may work more closely with their program's Director of Graduate Studies or Graduate Coordinator, while other students may work more closely with a faculty advisor (e.g. as part of their doctoral dissertation committee). Some programs may assign a professional staff (academic) advisor, but the best place to check is directly with your program!

For questions about scheduling exams, applying for degrees, submitting a thesis or dissertation for publication, you can also check with your Academic Affairs Officer in the Graduate School. Resources can be found at the Graduate School website.

Why do I have more than one advisor listed?

Depending on your major, minor or additional program activities – you may have additional advisors listed in myUK GPS.  For example, you may see additional people if you are involved in Honors, CARES, Athletics, etc.  Your primary academic advisor is connected to your primary degree, and your program advisors are there to provide additional support.

Please select the advisor most relevant to your needs when making an appointment.

I'm having a hard time contacting my advisor. Whom should I reach out to?

If you are an undergraduate student, find your college's advising team here and reach out to them. 

If you still have issues please contact and we will help get you connected to your college.

What is an "advising hold"?

Every semester students have an advising hold placed on their account which must be removed before registration. Please make an appointment with your advisor to have this hold removed.

There are various types of holds at UK, some of which prevent registration and must be removed before you will be able to register for courses. You will need to log in to myUK to review any holds on your account and to see the contact information for the appropriate office responsible for the removal of the hold.

I've met with my advisor, and I'm ready to register for classes. How do I do that?

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with your advisor, utilize your college's drop-in hours, or attend campus registration events, for help with registering for classes.

The Office of the University Registrar also has many helpful walkthroughs on:


I have a question about changing my major.

Looking to change your major? Explore your options with a Major Exploratory Associate in the Stuckert Career Center.

Or if you’re ready to make the change, please reference the myUK GPS Online Major Change (FAQ) from the University Registrar for your next steps.

What is an "academic alert"?

If your instructors have concerns about your performance in class, they may submit an academic alert. This alert will tell you what the concern is, which may be multiple missed classes or low grades on homework assignments or quizzes and tests. The alert also offers suggestions on how to make improvements. Whatever the academic situation, the main reason that a UK student receives an academic alert is because we care. Use the steps below if you receive an academic alert. 

  1. Connect with your instructor. As soon as you receive an academic alert in a class, reach out to your instructor. If possible, schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss your alert. Find out why you received the alert and what changes you need to make. If you have missed class, make sure you submit any documentation you have for your absences.

  2. Talk with your academic advisor. Your advisors are here to help you discuss your options and to connect you to campus resources to help you be successful. Be honest with your advisor so that they can provide you with the support you need. You can refer to the first question on this FAQ page for where to find your primary academic advisor assignment in myUK GPS.

  3. Develop an action plan. Use campus resources, such as tutoring services and Integrated Success coaching. Make using these resources a regular part of your study routine. Resources can be found at the following:

I have questions about academic policies or procedures (e.g. academic probation, withdrawing from or repeating a class, reinstatement, etc.) and I'm not sure where to go.

Please contact your academic advisor. Or, if no advisor is assigned, please contact your college advising office

You can also check the Student Resources page from the University Registrar.

Not a Current Student?

Prospective students who will be attending UK will be assigned an academic advisor as a part of their Big Blue Nation Orientation (BBNO) process.

Big Blue Nation Orientation (BBNO)

Faculty Member?

For information about how to submit an academic alert, how to contact college advisors, or
understand the advising relationship, please see the Faculty Resources page.

Faculty Resources

Additional Questions?

Contact the University Advising team with your question for additional assistance.

Email the Advising Team