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Academic advisors are assigned to every student by their college. This person is your primary academic advisor and will be your main point of contact each semester to ensure you are progressing towards your degree. They provide assistance in navigating life at UK, your academic/degree process, career pathways, and University policies and procedures.  You should meet with your academic advisor at least once each semester, but you can meet with them as often as you wish through appointments or drop-ins! 

You may want to make an appointment for… 

  • Your Advising Hold  

  • Academic concerns (resources, dropping a class) 

  • Discussions on your long-term academic plans 

  • Or for anything related to your success at UK! 

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

By appointment, with options to meet in-person, virtually, or by phone.

Many colleges also offer drop-in hours, which can be found on your college’s advising website

Quick Reference

Here are a few common questions about academic advising appointments:

How do I make an appointment with my primary academic advisor?

  1. Log into the myUK website with your linkblue ID and password.
  2. Under Student Services, select the Degree Planning and Registration (myUKGPS) tab.
  3. A Make Appointment button is available for each of your advisors, unless you already have a scheduled appointment.
  4. The advisor's calendar will be shown and you can select from the dates, times, and appointment modalities that work best for your schedule.
  5. Click the Schedule Appointment button to confirm your appointment.

For a more complete walkthrough, click here to download PDF instructions for Scheduling an Advising Appointment.


Tabs at the top of the screen in myUK. Students will select "Degree Planning and Registration (myUK GPS) to see their homepage and make an appointment with an advisor.

View of student's myUK GPS homepage. Advisors are listed along the righthand side of the page, with a "make appointment" button under each advisor's name.


How do I change or reschedule my advising appointment?

Students have the option to either:

  • Change the appointment modality (if available), or
  • Reschedule the appointment

If changing or rescheduling will not work for you, you may also cancel your appointment (see the next question down in the list).

Changing Modality

Your scheduled upcoming appointments can be seen on your myUK homepage, under the name of your advisor. Click on "View Appointments", select the appointment you wish to change. You can then select the "Change Meeting Method" button to switch the modality of your upcoming appointment. In general, options include "in-person", "online" or "phone"; not all options may be available for your appointment slot. 

Screenshot of the myUK homepage, within an advising appointment. The "change meeting method" button has been clicked and options for changing modality are shown on screen.



Your scheduled upcoming appointments can be seen on your myUK homepage, under the name of your advisor. Click on "View Appointments", and select the appointment you wish to reschedule. You can then select the "Reschedule” button to open up your advisor’s calendar to see available dates/times to reschedule. Once you select a new appointment, follow the same booking steps as for the original booking.

Screenshot of myUK homepage, within an advising appointment booking. The "Reschedule" button has been selected, and the screen shows the options for choosing a new appointment on the advisor's calendar.


How do I cancel my advising appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so in myUK. Canceling the appointment in your Outlook calendar (or declining the invitation) will NOT cancel the appointment in myUK GPS, and may result in you being marked as a "no show" for your appointment.

If you would prefer to change or reschedule your appointment, please see the previous question in this list.


Your scheduled upcoming appointments can be seen on your myUK homepage, under the name of your advisor. Click on "View Appointments", select the appointment you wish to cancel. You can then select the "Cancel" button. Once you click it will prompt you to consider a few other options, but if you still wish to cancel, select the red "Cancel Appointment" button.

Screenshot of advising appointment in myUK. The "cancel" button has been selected under this appointment, prompting the student to choose from several options, including a red "Cancel Appointment" button.

When should I see my academic advisor?

You can make an appointment to see your advisor whenever you have questions about your academic plans, current classes, academic policies, etc.! They can also help connect you to other campus resources.

If you have questions about registering for next semester's classes, please make an appointment well ahead of your registration window (found on your myUK GPS homepage) to give you and your advisor time to discuss your plans and options.

Tabs at the top of the screen in myUK. Students will select "Degree Planning and Registration (myUK GPS) to see their homepage and make an appointment with an advisor.

Registration windows and deadlines as seen on the student's myUK GPS homepage.


How do I prepare for my advising appointment?

We are excited to meet with you! Here are some tips for what to expect for your advising appointment:

Keys to a Positive Advising Experience

Come prepared! 

  • Be honest with your advisor when discussing grades, current classes, study habits, and interests.
    • Review your midterm grades (if available prior to your advising appointment); be prepared to discuss those grades with your advisor.   
  • Be courteous to fellow students and advisors by showing up to your appointment.
    • If you must miss, please review the options above for changing the modality, rescheduling or canceling your appointment in advance.
  • Arrive and leave on time.
    • Schedule a second appointment if you require more time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
    • Write down questions you may have regarding academics, jobs/internships, getting involved on campus, etc.
    • Follow up with your advisor.
  • Schedule your appointment in a timely manner, well in advance of your registration window.

Additional Ways to Prepare for Your Appointment 

If you would like to discuss your academic plans or class registration, please review your major requirements to identify what classes you should be thinking about enrolling in for the next semester(s). A few good places to check in myUK GPS include your Degree Audit summary, your Planned Courses including any Advisor Recommended courses, and the Schedule of Classes.

Degree Audit

  • Review the Degree Audit through myUK GPS (found in the menu, or in the tabs at the top of Course Planner). This is a great way to track your academic progress.

View of Course Planner in myUK GPS, showing how to get to the Degree Audit tab


Screenshot of where to look to view the Degree Audit for your program in myUK GPS.

Schedule of Classes

  • Check out the Schedule of Classes for class times and course pre-requisites in the course catalog.

How to find the Schedule of Classes in the menu of the myUK GPS homepage.

How to search in the Schedule of Classes

Planned Courses

  • In myUK, under Degree Planning and Registration, plan the classes you would like to take during next semester. You and your advisor will then discuss these classes during your advising appointment.

Schedule of classes in myUK, showing how to add a course to your "planned courses"


Viewing your planned courses in myUKGPS Course Planner tab.


I need to see my advisor soon, what can I do?

If your advisor has an open appointment slot, you can schedule it up to 2 hours before the start time.

If your advisor does not have an open appointment slot, you are welcome to attend your college’s drop-in/pop-in hours, or contact your advisor directly.  

What is this survey that came to my email after my appointment?

We care about your advising experience! Toward the end of your appointment, you will receive a very short survey at your UKY email address. Your survey responses will help us improve your advising experience, so we’d love to receive your feedback. 

Have other questions about advising?