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Looking for a way to make money while developing skills to help you excel after graduation? Join our team today! With over 9 employment opportunities, Campus Recreation has something for everyone. So, why should you work for Campus Recreation?


Campus Recreation staff understand they are working with students and their schedules are limited. Schedules for each position differ, but all positions provide flexibility around your classes. Many positions use WhentoWork for scheduling student employees. This platform provides each user with the ability to submit availability for when they cannot work and pick up shifts when needed.


With all Campus Recreation locations being on campus, you never have to travel too far to get here! With multiple positions, there is some variation on where you will work. All Campus Recreation locations can be found by clicking "Locations" in the menu.


With the majority of Campus Recreation staff being student employees, there is a unique sense of home that comes with working here. Many student employees make memories and connections that will last long after graduation.

Skills Developed

Many student employees in Campus Recreation work in multiple positions. Each position is unique and assists students in developing skills and certifications that can be applied to many future positions. 

How to Apply

Visit the Employment page to see what positions are available.

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