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Most wellness program requests can be accommodated by our Student Wellbeing partners in the POWER (Prevention, Outreach, and Wellness Education Resources) office. 

Programming specific to the Counseling Center may include:

  • mental health screening days
  • crisis event responses/debriefing
  • consultation about a student in distress or organizational needs
  • attendance at campus events to reduce stigma about help seeking
  • interviews
  • tabling
  • psychoeducational materials (printed as well as web-based)
  • interactive mental health workshops (in-person or virtual)

Mental health programming is a community intervention that helps support students who may not traditionally utilize individual or group therapy services. It can also serve as a preventative measure by educating students on ways to maintain their mental wellbeing. Groups who could benefit from programming include students with minoritized or marginalized identities, students who may be at higher risk of facing barriers to their academic and personal successes, students who may experience stigma about help seeking, students who may need support but not necessarily therapy, and students who may want to help a friend.

We are happy to discuss your needs. Please use the link below to make a request.

Contact the Counseling Center