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Build Your 3:1 Support Plan

Identify the Resources You Need to Reach Your Goals

No one likes to ask for help, however, we all need support from time to time.  There are so many resources at UK to help you with your college journey that it can be difficult to know where to start.  That is why we use the 3:1 Support Plan for students.  3:1 is about easily identifying the resources you need to be successful in reaching your goals. 

Develop your own 3:1 Support Plan by thinking about the following:

Academic: Any support that you need to be academically successful in reaching a goal, such as a professor's office hours, tutoring, or a friend to study with.

Wellness: Any holistic support that you might need to be successful in college.  Some ways to manage your wellness while working toward your goals include working with an Integrated Success Coach, financial aid advising, meeting with an involvement advisor, or regularly going to the gym.

Access to Opportunity: Ask yourself, what do I need that I do not currently have access to? Examples of this could be basic needs support, such as food or housing, the Stuckert Career Center to assist in finding an internship, or finding a mentor in the field you want to go into.

Pay-It-Forward:  Finally, all students are an important part of the UK community and play a role in each other's success.  Look around- whose 3:1 Support Plan can you be a part of?

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Build Your 3:1 Support Plan

Need help getting started on your 3:1 Support Plan? 

We review this list semesterly, but please reach out if you find something out of date or would like us to add a resource to the list: 

Identify the Resources You Need to Reach Your Goals

Tools to Help You Build Your 3:1 Support Plan

Build Your 3:1 Support Plan

Developing a Resource Plan

The best time to identify resources is before you need them.  Use this worksheet to establish your own 3:1 Support Plan.

Time Management

Time Management Planning

Managing time is hard for everyone.  Here's a tool that can help:

How to Integrate Your Canvas Calendar with Your Personal Calendar

Connecting Canvas to Your Calendar

Integrating your calendars is a great way to keep track of assignments!

Goal Setting & Tracking

Developing SMART action plans toward your goals is key to success in college.

The SMART Goal Creator will walk you through making your SMART goals, or if you prefer a paper version, use this PDF:

Metacognitive Note Taking

Metacognitive Note Taking

Taking Metacognitive Notes can help you identify the most important information before, during, and after class.  Here is a template that you can use to help you take the best notes:

Learning/Studying Skills

The Study Cycle with Focused Study Sessions

The Study Cycle is a great system for the day-to-day management of studying and learning, while Focused Study Sessions can be used to get your work done! In the video, Coach Benjamin Dunn walks you through this process so you can do it on your own.

Video file

Active vs. Passive Learning

Active Learning is the best way to prepare for an exam.  Use this worksheet to brainstorm ways to make your learning more active. 

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is a great way to learn material for the longterm.  In this video, Coach Trevor Tierney explains why and how to do it.

Video file


Active Retrieval

Active retrieval is a study method where you actively retieve information from memory.  It is a great way to know when you are ready to take an exam.  Check out this video with Coach Trevor Tierney to learn more.

Video file


Exam Prep

Daily Exam Planner

Planning ahead is the first step in exam prep.  


Need Help?

An Integrated Success Coach can help you identify the resources you need to reach your goals.  Make an appointment with one today!