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Partners in Student Success

Faculty & staff are essential partners in supporting UK students' academic success.  TL creates campus collaborations to connect students with services and enhance their academic experience early and often. 

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100+ Campus Partners

TL works with faculty & staff from all areas of campus to enhance students academic experience.

TL Promotional Tool Kit

The TL promotional tool kit contains resources that can be used to inform students about TL and encourage them to use the free services. Inside you will find:

  • Transformative Learning Overview Powerpoint presentation
  • Transformative Learning service flyers
  • Syllabus blurbs for TL services
  • Email template for TL student referral


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Get Connected with Integrated Success Coaching

Group Coaching

Request a Group Coaching session for your class or student group.

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ISC Advocates Training

Integrated Success Coach Advocates are staff and faculty from across campus who are committed to creating a campus-wide coaching culture.

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ISC Referals

Referals are an excellent way to connect students with 

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Faculty & Staff FAQ

What is Transformative Learning’s Mission/Values/Purpose?

TL's Mission:

To create opportunities for student succes through academic support initiatives

TL's Values:

Learning, Compassion, & Strategic Planning

TL's Purpose:

To empower students to discover their own success.

What services and programs does TL offer?

To promote our mission, values, and purpose, TL has three programmatic pillars to serve students, faculty, and staff across campus. Within these pillars, TL also has programmatic support in the form of assessment, marketing, and campus outreach.

The three programmatic pills work interdependently to meet the needs of UK students and serve to create and establish a cycle of student success. Specifically, TL programs create opportunities for students to gain invaluable study skills and strategies for success through TL-sponsored collaborations, which lays the foundation for content-specific knowledge acquisition in coursework that is continually reinforced and supported by Peer Supported Learning services (The Study Peer Tutoring Program, Supplemental Instruction, and Presentation U: Speaking & Writing Center), Integrated Success Coaching, UK101/201 and APP programs.

Where is TL located?

Transformative Learning offers multiple services in multiple spaces across campus.

  • The Study Central, located in the Hilary J Boone Center
    • The Study Peer Tutoring Program
    • Supplemental Instruction
    • Integrated Success Coaching
  • The Study North, located in the bottom level of Jewell Hall
    • The Study Peer Tutoring Program
    • Supplemental Instruction
    • Integrated Success Coaching
  • The Study South, located in the large classroom of Pigman Hall (formerly Woodland Glen III)
    • The Study Peer Tutoring Program
    • Presentation U: Speaking & Writing Center
  • The Hub of William T Young Library
    • APP Classroom (B-110)
    • Supplemental Instruction (B-110)
    • Placement Testing (B-108)
    • Presentation U: Speaking & Writing Center (B-25)

How can I encourage my students to use TL services?

A personal referral goes a long way for students and is one of the main ways students find their way to Trasnformative Learning!  If you know a student who you feel would benefit from TL programs or services consider doing the following:

  • Complete an ISC referral. Getting a student connected with a coach is one of the easiest and best ways to introduce a student to TL!  When you submit a referral, a member of our coaching team will reach out directly to that student and work with them to make a one-on-one appointment.
  • Request an Overview of TL services for your class or group by emailing us at  We can work with you to send one of our trained staff or have your class visit one of our locations. You can also download the PP and share with your students.
  • Send an email with a personal recommendation and link to our website.  You can find a sample email in TL's Promotional Tool Kit.

Who can access TL services?

TL serves all UK students, but some services are course specific while others can support students across their acadmeic pursuits.  Peer Tutoring at The Study and Supplemental Instruction support many UK core 100 & 200 level courses, while any UK student (undergraduate and graduate) can make a coaching appointment.

To learn more about all of Transformative Learning servcies please go to: 

What impact do TL services have on student success?